About Us

“GPFL was founded on the principle that every Filipino business enterprise deserves
a chance to flourish.”

The Company

GPFL is a private lending company established in November 2009. We help those who own small and medium enterprises as they aspire to expand their businesses. Believing in the power of SMEs in changing the current condition of the economy of the Philippines, GPFL is willing to assist challenged enterprises to grow, expand, and succeed and to contribute to the country’s economic growth and development.

about-img1Despite being in the business for only a short period of time, we are proud to say that the company has financed over 30 small and medium-sized enterprises from a variety of industries. Current operations are in the greater Metro Manila area, but GPFL is an ever-growing company that hopes to cater the entire archipelago in the near future. With this, GPFL is one step closer to attaining national coverage.

We take pride in our history of providing unmatched service to our clients. Our exceptional delivery of services comes from employing people who are highly qualified for their respective positions. Our team has the right educational background and professional experience for the job. Furthermore, they are equipped with the needed training to keep their knowledge updated and aligned with the current trends and demands of the industry.

If you think your business needs an expansion, but you do not have enough financial resources, partner up with GPFL—the answer to achieving your business goals!

Our Mission
Our mission is to live up to our name as Good Provider.

For our clients:

  • By offering enhanced customer experience anchored on convenient loan processing, walk-through assistance, and personalized relationship building
  • By innovating financial products and the financing process to match our clients’ capabilities

For our employees:

  • By helping them gain both professional and personal growth, as well as financial security

For our stockholders and investors:

  • By giving them substantial and sustainable returns in exchange for their trust in the company

Our Vision


For GPFL, to become one of the biggest short-term financing companies in the Philippines, and emerge as the preferred financing institution among high-growth industries and medium enterprises by providing them innovative loan services with the fastest, most reliable processing scheme.