GPFL provides several services to local small and medium-sized businesses.

With GPFL, a loan application becomes easier to process. All the applicant has to do is fill in a general application form and submit the required documents (may vary depending on which facility the client is applying for). However, we are currently evaluating our loan application procedures and we are hoping to introduce innovations that would make the processing a lot easier and quicker for our clients.

Have concerns on your loan application? Want less processing time? Need other payment methods? GPFL staff can assist you with all these. Call us now! Simply click the button below and be able talk with someone from our team.

Small/Medium Enterprise


SMEs in the Philippines have created an important presence in terms of economic activity. We believe access to finance is considered to be the primary obstacle in growing a business and in successfully progressing from small to medium-sized firms. Let our SME program take care of that for your business.

Real Estate Mortgage (REM)


Land has become an ever more important commodity trade in the country. Companies with a land inventory may have the opportunity in maximizing the use of their assets through our REM facility.

Receivables Purchase (RP)


With the RP facility, fast growing companies can capitalize on opportunities of expansion through credit they have extended to their valued clients.

Executive Loan Program (ELP)


Valued leaders in their respective companies, executives only deserve to be pampered. That is what they get with our ELP.

Group Salary Loan Program (GSLP)


In GSLP, employees of an organization are already able to enjoy the fruits of their labor before they even work.

Chattel Mortgage (CM)


Any asset other than land is still an asset. Entrepreneurs and businesses alike can move forward faster with the CM facility.